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22nd Sunday In Ordinary Time : August 30, 2015

August 2015 Youth Ministry

Class of 2015 Burger Bash: The Traditional Continues

A big shout out of thanks to our DRE/Youth Minister, Jorge Santibanez and his wife Angelica, and to Jorge and Maxine Alvarez, for putting on the 4th Annual Burger Bash last Sunday evening for our recently graduated 8th graders who entered high school this past week.

It was a wonderful reunion of friends, a delight for the kids to be together, treasuring their connection to Little Flower, and enjoying delicious burgers. It was another example of excellent youth ministry and community life at COTLF.

Altar Server Bowling Night: Another Evening of Fun

Thanks to our Youth Minister, Jorge Santibanez, and Father Tran for hosting the 4th Annual Altar Server Appreciation Bowling and Pizza Party at Bird Bowl last Monday night. Numerous altar servers and their families came to enjoy an evening of bowling, fun, and fresh hot pizza.

It’s another gesture of the gratitude that we extend to our acolytes for the service rendered to our parish at Holy Mass.

August 2015 Protest On Behalf Of Life: A Big Success

Some 375 parishioners from Little Flower and parishes throughout Miami-Dade County courageously took a stand to raise consciousness about protecting the lives and body parts of infants in the womb.

They lined up and down Kendall Drive at 114 Avenue, praying, holding placards and signs, and peace-fully protesting the recent new level of outrages against innocent human life.

The manifestation drew priests and deacons, and members of the national leadership team of Respect Life. It even gained the attention of several media outlets. Thanks to all who courageously joined prayer with action in defense of life. The protest was a big success!

August 2015 Praise God Twice In Song!

Our Parish Schola Cantorum wants to invite new choir members. The Schola is our all-volunteer adult choir that contributes to the liturgy at 10:30 am Mass on Sundays, and other services.

Fear not! Being able to read music is not a requirement. The time commitment is rehearsal only one evening each week, and Sunday Mass. Maybe this is your opportunity to serve our church ministry

If you think you may be interested and have any question, please contact the director, Dr. Dawn Fontana at (305) 446-9950, Ext. 305 or via email: .

August 2015 Become a Sponsors

We would like to thank Lorraine Travel, as well as Brickell Motors for continuing their sponsorship of our Church of the Little Flower web page. Through our website, we continue to keep our more than 3,500 registered families and visitors alike informed of events and information important to our community and that of the church.

If you have a business and would like to become a web sponsor, there are only a few spots available. Please contact, Jorge Perez in the Advancement Office or e mail at

We thank all of our sponsors for their generous support!

August 2015 English as a Second Language

The registration for the English as a Second Language classes is now open. These clases will be offered free of charge.

For more information, contact our Ministries Coordinator, Cecilia Miyar, at (305) 446-9950.

August 2015 Office of Religious Education

2015-2016 Registration Almost Full!

With school now back in session, supplies and uniforms all purchased, and after school clubs and activities all under way, did you remember to register your children for religious education and sacramental prep?
The COTLF Religious Education Program offers religion classes for every level from Kinder through High School, including preparation classes for First Communion and Confirmation. Learning and living our faith is a life-long commitment and we look forward to journeying together with you and your family in this new Catechetical year!

For more information about our classes, schedules, or registration, please contact Jorge Santibáñez or Cecilia Miyar at the parish office or visit the parish website for details.

August 2015 Marriage in the Church

For one reason or another, the story of some Catholic couples at times has unfolded to include marriage outside the Church’s Sacrament of Matrimony. Desiring to return to Holy Communion, there often comes a moment when these couples prayerfully decide that it is time to regularize their circumstances through obtaining an annulment of a past marriage, and the seeking of a con-validation of an existing union.

The Church is deeply interested in assisting such couples. The graces found in the sacramental system of the Church are of enormous spiritual value. Information flyers are available at the doors of church for your convenience.

Likewise, appointments can be made with any of the priests of the parish, and/or our Marriage Coordinator (Juan Del Sol), by calling the parish office at (305) 446-9950. Let the Jubilee Year of Mercy be the occasion in which you are blessed by sacramental Marriage in the Church.

August 2015 Volunteers needed for altar society / linens ministry

Special towels called purificators, hand cloths, and corporals are used at every Mass. Over the course of a week, many of these are used and soiled, needing cleaning and pressing.

We currently have a couple of exemplary and stately women of the parish who have taken charge of the laundering and pressing of these towels, so that each week we have a ready supply for our many liturgies. Additional volunteers, however, are now needed to share in this important gesture of loving service for the liturgy.

Perhaps a retiree. Perhaps a teenager needing service hours. Perhaps someone willing to join in the humble work of the Church as a gesture of love.

Please contact Maria Elena Chialastri at the parish office:
(305) 446-9950.

August 2015 Thanks For Supporting Sister Cecilia’s Orphanage!

Two weekend’s ago, Sister Cecilia from the Community of Charity and Social Services from Vietnam spoke at all the Masses at Little Flower. We are happy to report on the exemplary generosity that was shown her in support of the good work of her community.

The second collection that day raised $13,391, which has already been sent for immediate use in support of the orphanage program. Thank you to all who gave from your heart to encourage sister’s good ministry.

August 2015Online Giving

Online Giving is available for all COTLF parishioners and visitors who would like to make donations to our regular weekly offerings, as well as other parish collections like COTLF Charities and even our St. Therese Grotto project. This service is free, safe and secure, and it is a perfect tool for anyone who shops or pays their bills online. Online Giving allows the parishioner to see their giving history and to generate reports of their giving at years end for tax purposes.

If you are not one of the close to 400 families who already use online giving, go to click on the Online Giving tab and see what all the excitement is about. If you would like more information or to schedule an appointment to help set up your account, please contact Jorge Perez, at (305) 446-5950 ext. 318.

September 2, 10, 20 & 22 Upcoming Meetings and Events

Parish Council, next meeting, Wednesday, September 2nd, 7:30 pm in Comber Hall.

Finance Council, next meeting, Thursday, September 10th, 8:45 am, executive conference room, parish office building, 2nd floor.

Annual Ministries Fair, Sunday, September 20, 9:30am to 2:30pm, in Comber Hall.

Pilgrimage Information Night, Tuesday, September 22nd, 7:30pm, in Comber Hall.

September 8 Our Lady of Charity Celebration

The annual celebration of Our Lady of Charity, Patroness and Queen of Cuba, will take place on September 8th with an 8:00 pm Mass at the Bank United Center of the University of Miami. All are welcome.

Archbishop Wenski and the priests of the Archdiocese of Miami will be on hand for this annual celebration. Doors open at 6:30 pm, followed by the recitation of the rosary, and the procession of schools and ministerial groups, and the arrival of the statue of Our Lady. Join us for this meaningful annual commemoration.

August 2015 Pilgrimage to France (Summer 2016)

Join father tran next summer, August 5-13, for a nine-day Pilgrimage to france in honor of the 90th anniversary Of the church of the little flower and saint theresa School.

The trip is scheduled to visit lourdes, the Footsteps of st. Bernadette, paris, lisieux, the birth Place of st. Therese, the family home of st. Therese, the Convent of st. Therese, the famous reliquary of St. Therese, the basilica and crypt of st. Therese, sacred Heart, st. Michel, notre dame, chartres, and the beaches of normandy.

Join us for an Information night and overview of the entire trip on tuesday, september 22nd at 7:30pm in comber hall. All are welcome.

August 2015 Sacred Steps: Sacramental Celebrations at Church of the Little Flower

Congratulations to our Newly Baptized:
• Rafael Ramiro Areces,
• Daniela Bernadette Delmas,
• Nicolas Sabagh,
• Logan Daniel Carvajal,
• Alessa Zadra.

Congratulations and God's Blessings to Those Joined in Holy Matrimony:
• Mark A. Road & Christine Brizuela .

Rest in Peace. We Pray for Those Who have Entered Eternity:
• Adriana M. Niebla,
• Julio Garcia,
• Berta Maria Gonzalez,
• Berta Menendez.


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