Tracts by Fr. Tran

It is so appropriate that the last bulletin message that I write as a priest of the Church of the Little Flower coincides with the Transfiguration of the Lord Jesus Christ. If there is one thing to understand when it comes to the Transfiguration, itís that the glory of God was made manifest in Jesus Christ, right before human beings. The themes that come together, the centrality of Christ, the witness of the Law and the Prophets in Elijah and Moses, the awe of the Apostles, all point towards the fact the God allowed his glory to shine through. This motif of Godís presence and how he manifests himself to his people is one that left no doubt to any of the witnesses that God was present here in Jesus Christ.

Another approach and understanding to this, if we understand Christ as our ultimate model to aspire to, is that we can manifest God as well, that we can show the glory of our God to other people. I have witnessed this firsthand, most especially in the most difficult trial of my life, in the journey of my motherís cancer, and her passing just weeks ago. The glory of God was very much manifested on a real level, in the fact that I was not alone, in that so many members of the community of the Church of the Little Flower, the staff, the priests, you were all there with me throughout the journey. God was made so real and so apparent in the care, the concern, and most especially the prayers that were offered.

It may seem like a radical idea that we as mere human beings could ever be compared in any analogy to the Transfiguration of Christ on Mount Tabor, but we also remember that the important thing is not us, itís that the glory of God shines through. Weíre only the small tools that the Lord uses to accomplish his great works. That is what I want to thank you all for in this message, for being the small tools that God has used to assist and uplift myself and my family in prayer as we went through this trial, and for making me a better priest in my short time here at COTLF. I cannot begin to describe the ways that Godís glory was shown through all of you in your words and little ways of being there for me, and I can never thank you enough.

As I leave the Church of the Little Flower, I say thank you, and I also hope that I was somehow a tool of the Lord in showing his glory to you as well. I really am sorry for any ways that I may have hurt anyone due to my weaknesses and frailties, and hope that none of those things you hold against God. Iím eternally grateful for the opportunity to have served this community, and I especially thank Fr. Davis and all of my priest brothers here who have made this an unforgettable journey. May we always manifest the glory of God to those who are around us!

Fr. Tran