Tracts by Fr. Tran

Blessed Easter everyone! I hope and pray that you all have had as blessed and joyful an Easter season as I have been experiencing. Itís amazing to think how quickly Lent went by! For some of us Lent may have been particularly trying or difficult this year, but one thing that we always have to remember is that weíre not a people of Lent, but that weíre a people of Easter. Thatís right, even though it may seem that we are always emphasizing the solemn, penitential season of Lent, the season of Easter is really what Christianity is all about. A fact that still surprises me is that Easter lasts until Pentecost, which is 50 days; in comparison to Lent, which is only 40 days! Easter is the more important season by far, and as the season of renewal and resurrection and Easter joy, that is the mode that we, who have been redeemed and saved by Christ, should be in, that is, a modus of joy.

While we get the reputation of being the ďstuffyĒ Christians, we are anything but! Easter for us is a season of celebration, and if you saw the solemnity and reverence given to the Lord during the Easter Vigil, the light that is Christ and the light that lit up our Church far overpowered any darkness. The Lord comes in his Resurrection and tells us, ďitís going to be okĒ, especially in our periods of trial and difficulty and intense sadness, itís amazing that the message that the Lord communicates is always that of hope and life, and never death and despair.

Easter indeed is such a big event in our tradition that the solemnity and importance of Easter Sunday is actually stretched into eight days, called the Octave of Easter, and it ends on the following Sunday, which is either called Low Sunday (in comparison to the grandness of the Easter Sunday preceding) or Divine Mercy Sunday (which is due in no small part to St. John Paul II and St. Faustina Kowalska). As our most solemn celebration and the most solemn time period of our entire liturgical year, I would be remiss if I didnít remind you all that this time period is the most graced and blessed time of the year, and to not let it go to waste by not having particular prayers and intentions in this super holy and graced time. For more information, please look up Novena to Divine Mercy on Google, and donít worry if you havenít been praying for the whole nine days, the Lordís mercy is the emphasis on Divine Mercy Sunday and so you can catch up and receive the Plenary Indulgence for this day if you just follow the instructions. Whatís most important and helpful though is understanding how graced this time of the Easter season is, and that the Lord, if we ask him, will grant us some very special Easter blessings. Let us live out the full message of life found in the resurrection of the Lord!

Fr. Tran