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Photography by Wayne Carter

62 of St. Teresa School’s newest alumni gathered together on Friday, August 17th for one final reunion before the start of their high school careers. After a long and transitional summer, the event, hosted by the Youth Ministry program of the parish, provided the youth with a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with one another and with the parish. The alums weathered the rain, even running out into it to greet one another as they arrived at Comber Hall.

Father Michael Davis and Jorge Santibáñez, struck by the incredible energy, enthusiasm and joy among the group, shared their vision for the future of youth ministry with Little Flower’s newest and youngest parishioners: “There’s no reason why gatherings just like these shouldn’t be happening regularly,” noted Fr. Davis. “This is, in many ways, the first gathering of “Gaudium,” (Little Flower’s new Youth Group) added Jorge. “It’s a funny word that’s Latin for ‘joy,’ and what you are seeing tonight is precisely why we chose that name. This is the kind of joy that flows out naturally when good and faithful youth engage in wholesome, authentic relationships and interactions.”

The parish would like to extend a special thanks to all parents who made donations for the event and to our parent volunteers, Mr. and Mrs. Rodriguez and Mrs. Barral, who braved the rain and flames to grill all the burgers and serve our youth.

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8th Grade Reunion / Burger Bash